What is the Lifespan of a Typical Garage Door Spring?

Today, overhead garage doors’ torsion springs offer all the lift required for raising a garage door. Which is why they are crucial for the door’s operation. As with any mechanical component, torsion springs will get worn out with time. But how long?

The time that the garage door spring lasts is contingent on the frequency at which the door is opened and the rating of the cycle springs. One cycle is the equivalent of the garage door being opened and closed. In most cases, the magic number is 10,000 cycles. That’s how many times the typical non-coated garage door spring will last in ideal conditions.

The garage doors are typically opened and close around 3-5 times a day, and for more than 300 days per year. At 10,000 cycles, they’ll last between 6 to 10 years. But, if your “significant other” works or is running errands during breaks, your kids who are in and out of the garage to attend school or take their bikes and sports equipment – you’ll go through 10000 cycles much more quickly. A family with a lot of activity could go through 10000 cycles in just two or three years.


Rust is a different reason for springs for garage doors that fail particularly in harsh weather conditions. A rust buildup can increase friction between the coils on the moving spring. Add to that the corrosive effects of the rust, and you’ve got all the ingredients you require for early spring failure.

A quick and simple preventative maintenance will help keep corrosion at bay and extend the life span of the springs on your garage door. Every 3 months or more often, spray the spring with a mild silicone spray. The spray keeps the spring lubricated and helps prevent dangerous rust buildup. Beware of using WD-40 because it will run over your paintwork!

Cold Weather

If the weather is cold, most of us can feel the cold in our joints – our bones become stiff and slower. What’s more, it’s the same for steel! Take a look at the garage door’s torsion spring. It’s made of steel and wrapped in a coiled coil under extreme pressure and sat quietly for the night in the cold garage. Yes, the load that you heard sounds like your spring breaking or springs break!

Call the Professionals

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