Tips to Upgrade the Exterior of Your Garage

Garages can provide a number of advantages to the worth of a house. They can be useful to own, and if they’re well-designed, they can enhance the curb appeal. They can have a huge impact on the value of the property in resales.

Although most people are thinking of an entire remodel, you don’t necessarily require that much to boost your appearance. Making small changes like updating your garage can have big impact without the cost.

These five improvements will aid in increasing the worth of your garage as well as your house overall and will create a stunning new area.

Install Accents Such as Stone Veneer

If you’re planning to build a brand-new garage or upgrading the one you have, stone veneer could be an ideal accent. The addition of accents like this will increase the value of your home and improve its appearance with ease.

Did you know that stone veneer isn’t real stone? It’s actually a fiber cement product made to look and feel like stone but with less than the price and cost. This upgrade for your home is only $10 to $20 per area.

You can decide to highlight specific areas or to complete the exterior with a slew of tiles for a carriage house style. In either case, it will enhance the look of your home significantly. If you’re making use of stone for accents like this, it’s fantastic way to show it off without spending much for the work.

Add Some Accent Lighting

It doesn’t matter if you recently added a lovely accent, such as the stone veneer we talked about or whether you’ve invested in brand new doors for your garage. Accent lighting can showcase it all flawlessly.

If you put the lighting in a strategic manner in your home, it will make a significant impact in the overall appearance of your house in the evenings and in the nighttime. Lighting can enhance the natural beauty of your home and also highlight the unique aspects of your home. There’s no need to illuminate your entire garage, at all. Simply displaying the most impressive components.

It’s inexpensive to add accent lighting that starts at $60 for each light offering you the opportunity to brighten the area with less. It is possible to add lights above doors, in addition to landscaping features, and even underneath windows to make your garage stand out and appear more expensive.

Modernize Your Landscaping

The landscaping of your home is crucial to the worth of your home. It’s also crucial for the appearance and value that your garage will have.

Take into consideration the use of flower beds or bushes as a way to create a frame for the area. If pavement prevents plantation, you can try plant pots, window box or other decorative pieces.

Upgrade the Hardware of Your Garage Doors

If you’re really looking to impress with your garage doors, look into changing the hardware.

Upgrade your hardware to the right style or more in tune with the style of your home. Doing this will provide you with a unique look. Mix and match other accessories, such as lighting, to showcase the hardware and create a complete package appearance.

Improve Your Trim

The garage comes with a variety of different trims and details which accents different areas. That’s why it’s perfect as an accent piece to your garage. Instead of changing it with a new piece, you could consider switching to a trim color that is a match to the garage door or provide an additional accent for the room.

It will cost you $150 for trim per door. It might be more efficient to replace all of the trim at once to achieve a consistent look however, you could just change the trim on your door in the event you want an affordable, straightforward upgrade. The trim around the door gets more wear than other parts part of your garage which is why it’s often required to be replaced sooner.

Upgrade Your Garage Door

As per remodeling the top five home improvements that can be sold include the replacement of your garage door every year, every year and all the time. If the door you have is old, then it is an important improvement you should make.

Even with the finest lighting options along with other improvements, garage doors that are not up to date can hold your home’s value down.

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Contact your local garage door specialist today. They can help you locate the ideal door and choose one that matches your house and provides the perfect amount of style. Little Rock Garage Door Repair company of Central Arkansas can even provide you with an email price!

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