Common Causes of Garage Door Noise

Are you annoyed by the little sound that’s emanating through your garage doors? It’s time to get a garage repair technician to repair the problem! There are many reasons for the sounds emanating from your garage door in Little Rock — here’s Little Rock Garage Door Repair’s list of the most frequent causes.

Damaged Tracks

The damaged tracks on your garage door’s structure can be an indication of aging or may cause pressure applied to it, which hinders the smooth closing or opening of your door. The tracks carry garage doors upwards and then back safely. If there is a large object suspended on the track or a powerful force, like a car strikes your door it’s very likely to cause the tracks get damaged. Tracks that are damaged need to contact an expert repair service for garage doors to repair them immediately!

Loose Chain

A broken chain inside the garage door mechanism is the most common reason why the garage door might have difficulties opening or closing. Check to see if your chain isn’t working in a proper manner. Is it hanging loose or is it drooping in some place? It could be making an odd sound when it is stuck. If that’s the case for your garage and you’re not sure, it’s time to replace your chain!

Poor Lubrication

One of the most frequently overlooked issues that garage doors face is a inadequate lubrication. If you examine the garage door for any issues and find that the chains and tracks seem to be in perfect order it could be due to an issue with the lubrication. Contact a garage door repair technician and request recommendations to determine what will best suit your garage door.

Door Imbalance Issues

If you’re seeing your garage door hanging halfway when it closes, it’s likely that it is imbalanced. This kind of imbalance might cause the odd sound that you’re hearing. It typically produces a creaking sound when you attempt to lower or raise the door. If your garage door appears to be to be in an unbalanced state and is causing a squeak, it’s time to get an repair to your garage door from Little Rock Garage Door Repair!

Inspect your garage and look at the chain, lubrication tracks, the door’s balance. These problems are common and could be the cause of the odd noises emanating from the garage door. If you are still unable to pinpoint the reason, you can call Little Rock Garage Door Repair and we’ll send a technician directly to fix the issue!

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