How to Check if You Need a New Garage Door

Garage doors should last for at least a few decades before you’re required replacing it. Examine the garage at minimum once per year to make sure that it’s operating correctly. When you’re conducting your inspection, make sure to inspect the following aspects to determine if you’re required to repair or replace your existing garage door

Speed of closing and opening

You can tell that the garage door is outmoded when you must wait for quite some time for the door to close or open. If you’ve got an old-fashioned door and you want to upgrade, consider an automated garage door opener in order to speed up the speed of opening and closing.

Noise level

A damaged garage door can create a squeaky sound when it is moving through its rollers. Modern garage doors are designed to function smoothly and quiet. In the event that your garage door has been making noticeable loud noises, it is time to upgrade your garage door and the hardware.

Security and safety

An upgraded garage door will safeguard your precious items. If you’re concerned that your valuable vehicle or equipment is susceptible to being stolen, it is best to improve the security of your garage in order to offer greater security for your home. Also, you need doors with security features to safeguard your pets, children and neighbors from danger. A brand new garage door will definitely have an automatic reverse system which will shut the door when an animal, object or person gets blocking the door.


Check your garage for dents, peeling, or sagging. Surely, your garage door is among of the most attractive aspects of your property therefore you must be sure that it’s in most optimal condition. If you find that the door is rotting beyond repair or stains, you must replace the door.


Modern garage doors are equipped with the latest technology to make your home secure, safe and well-insulated. If you must unlock your garage doors manually or the door does not have any security features, it is recommended to purchase the new model.


The garage door you have been using for a long time is likely to fail because of inadequate maintenance, excessive use and weather-related damage. Re-install your garage door in the event that you find it difficult to operate properly and isn’t closing and opening in a proper manner.

Efficiency in energy use

The garage door is meant to keep your garage cool and provide a pleasant environment for you and your family. If you’re noticing that your energy bills begin to rise with time Your garage door might be the cause. Modern garage doors are energy efficient and have materials and insulation integrated into the doors to reduce your monthly energy costs.

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Little Rock Garage Door Repair offers garage door repair and installation service to both employers and residents of Central Arkansas. We offer a variety of modern garage doors for commercial and residential constructions. Our entry doors complement our range of garage doors to increase your home’s value for resales as well as curb appeal.

Common Causes of Garage Door Noise

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