How Do You Unlock a Garage Door if There are Broken Springs?

A garage door that is damaged can be dangerous, particularly the one that has broken springs. The spring mechanism, which is often called a torsion spring, balances the door’s weight which can weigh at least 400 pounds! If the spring is not there, the door will have no support for its weight.

Garage door openers don’t have the capacity to handle that kind of weight. Most people aren’t made to handle this kind of weight, too. If you are forced to unlock the door before it is fixed by a specialist, be sure to take extreme care.

Here are the steps that you’ll have to follow to unlock the door. It is important to remember that you’ll need someone else to assist you during this procedure. Before beginning, make sure pets, children, and other items are free of the door. A sudden slip or loss of grip of a door could cause the entire situation to crash down.

Step #1: Get 2 Ladders

Set up the 6-foot step ladder at either corner of the doorway. Let a family member sit on one side and your back on the opposite. Next, put a pry bar into the door’s corner in between the flooring and door. Then, pull it up to grasp the door from the bottom.

Be sure that you remove the garage door opener the door and power source. By pulling the cord using the red handle will permit the door to open and close. Pull the plug until the opener, which is typically near the opener.

Step 2 Step #2: Lift the Door

You and your partner must lift the door in tandem and ensure that it’s equally balanced. Slowly lift it until it’s fully open. You can then put two vice grips on each side of the track beneath the roller at the bottom. Place both ladders underneath the garage door at each end, then grab the door and get rid from vice grips. Slowly lower the door until it can be able to rest upon the ladders.

A damaged garage door could cause hassle and issue with your regular coming and goings. So, don’t delay in getting your garage door back to its best working condition. We will be happy to inspect your door and determine how we could have it fixed.

If your spring requires replacing, we’ll install it quickly and precisely. Maybe your entire garage door is in need of a freshening. We offer a wide range of styles for garage doors that can be customized to the unique style of your home and, more important your budget. Contact us now to learn more!

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