Garage Door Springs – How to Repair It

The most modern garage doors come with various security features, such as infrared stoppers or pressurized lifting mechanisms. The primary component of the safest garage door is torsion springs. With time these springs will become worn out, causing them to lose tension, and create a dangerous situation. Here are some things homeowners should know about a secure garage door spring replacement.

How Torsion Springs Work

Springs for garage doors are the ones that prevent the door from falling closed from its open position. Also, they provide resistance when trying to open the door. They also perform a large amount of lifting and closing the door. Attached to the headboard over the garage door, these springs operate by counterbalancing. They are basically tightly coiled, steel springs woven around a rod of steel and joined to cable drums on each end. When the door is opened upwards, they let go of much in tension allowing the opener that is mechanical or a person who is using it to only take on just a tiny portion of their weight. As the door closes, springs will coil back and hold the tension.

Replacing the Springs

Since torsion springs are responsible for quite a lot for the heavy lifting for doors for garages, they may start showing wear and tear within some years of continual use. The springs could be rusty as they are exposed to elements. They could snap or even break at the midpoint of the coil. Thus, creating the garage door to be in a dangerous state because the garage door is unstable. If they’re showing indications of wear or damage, homeowners might want to begin an upgrade to the springs on their garage door project prior to a collision. Even if one of the springs are broken, homeowners must replace both at once in order to ensure that they are of equal quality and balanced over the entire door.


The garage door replacement project could be extremely risky because of their nature. In reality, the replacement of torsion springs is one of those tasks that is usually best left to the experts. Since there is a large amount of tension in the springs after the door is closed, and they hold a large part of the load of the door when it’s opened and tinkering with the mechanism may cause the spring to break with great force and the door to crash down. People who aren’t prepared to deal with this could sustain severe injuries if they’re not careful. Be sure to follow all safety precautions prior to trying to repair springs. If you’re unsure, consult the professionals of Little Rock Garage Door Repair.

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