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Formerly Arkansas Arts Center, the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts is the home to well-known international art collections, excellent performing arts, and groundbreaking Art School.

Having over 60 years of devotion to the performing and visual arts, the AMFA enlightens, builds, and inspires the community. Through serving Arkansas and outside the state, AMFA is dedicated in providing an inspiring cultural experience for everybody. And with that, AMFA is proud that they are the region’s cultural destination.

Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts is a part of the region’s notable cultural legacy. The concept of bringing arts to the state of Arkansas that started in 1914 was then realized during 1937 in line with the Museum of Fine Art’s opening in 1937. The collection, mission, and reach of the museum continually grows. In the year 1960, the institution has adopted Arkansas Arts Center as its name along with a pledge of serving the whole state.


As one of the state’s oldest museums, AMFA has a rich history of Arkansas and its connection to arts. Today, the AMFA Foundationg holds in public trust the AMFA’s international, wide-ranging and premier collection. Some of these collections are the following:

  • Art Through the Ages
  • American Art
  • European Influence
  • Art of the American South
  • Contemporary Craft


Today, the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts is closed temporarily for its renovation. The museum is relocated temporarily in Riverdale Shopping Center of Little Rock, just 3-miles of MacArthur Park, since its construction started in MacArthur Park during mid of 2019. This temporary location is a part of the commitment of AMFA to continue to be accessible while its new building is on the way. Their location in Riverdale was closed last March 2020 because of COVID-19. You can access their Museum Store from Mondays to Fridays, 10am-5pm or by appointment.

The new identity of the institute will be both a nod to its past and a promise to its future. The coming new Arts Center will be a gem that will be in Little Rock, Arkansas’ heart – MacArthur Park. With a schedule to reopen in 2022, the Art Center will be welcoming everyone with art classes, exhibitions, performances, programs, lectures, and a lot more.

Just last January 25, 2021, Arkansas Arts Center became Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts officially. While they unveiled the new brand of the museum, the leaders of AMFA have announced that the new fundraising goal of the campaign is $142 million.

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