Commercial Garage Door Repair

The garage door in your house provides security for your vehicle, as well as area for holiday plans, a workshop or even a man cave. The garage door in your business premises ensures your livelihood as well as your employees’ livelihoods.

Not just for the fact that it’s where you do business and also due to the equipment, tools inventory, and everything else is required to run a business. As garage door technology advances, they’re utilized for more than just industrial applications. Restaurants, retail stores and various other businesses utilize garage doors to protect their customers in addition to their industrial look.

Different Types of Commercial Garage Doors

The majority of commercial garage doors are overhead doors that roll up. In the event of a storm or a hazard in the vicinity, doors that swing up or out can take up space inside the building. Doors that swing through tracks may interfere with sprinklers, lighting, or HVAC equipment.

Overhead, roll-up commercial garage doors can cost more due to all the moving components (slats and hinges). However, their simplicity of use, small size, ease of use, repair, service as well as maintenance makes them a popular alternative. In both cases security and reliability are as standard.

  • Coiling Style vs Sectional Doors

With homes that have overhead doors, you have many different designs available. Steel, wood, vinyl and even glass panels are all options. This gives more freedom in terms of design since panels are much larger than the slats utilized for the coiling doors. To enhance the appearance of your home panels, we offer business owners a wide range of options and designs to take the style that the business is built on into account.

Doors made of coils are more practical and are typically made out of aluminum, steel or any other durable materials. In contrast to panel doors, which are installed in a single panel, slat doors are usually made in a single piece, and built according to the dimensions.

For parking garages, overhead garage doors could be made of premium metal nets. They don’t offer any kind of protection from weather. This is not the best alternative if you’re a restaurant owner who can only enjoy outdoor seating for six months all year.

Repair Services for Commercial Garage Doors

Garage doors that are commercial are tested more frequently in comparison to the doors for residential use. In warehouses, doors can be opened numerous times in order to accommodate deliveries. When a tire change operation is in place, these doors are continuously being shut and opened to let vehicles in and out. Garage doors that are used for parking may be used all day long.

In this way, they tend to be designed to be used continuously, something that isn’t used in the residential sector. But just like with all mechanical systems, parts get worn out with time. Little Rock Garage Door Repair has years of experience maintaining, servicing and repairing commercial doors.

Work With the Garage Door Experts in Central Arkansas

Aside from being a garage door repair commercial business, we also offer installation services for commercial and residential garage doors. We’ll collaborate with you to select the ideal garage door that suits your needs in terms of functionality and style. Our quick, efficient and safe-minded team will install your doors or back in operation within a matter of minutes. For any inquiries, just visit Little Rock Garage Door Repair.

You can also read about Residential Garage Door Repair in our next blog.

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