Binding of a Garage Door After Opening

Garage doors are an essential component of your house that you utilize every day. It’s very annoying when it isn’t opening or closing or has another issue. In the event that your garage doors locks when it opens, you could be thinking about what problem might be and what can be done to fix it.

Here’s some tips to help you fix garage doors that keep getting stuck. Like every garage door repair, be sure that the area surrounding the door is free of obstructions in the event of an unexpected incident. Note that garage doors can be extremely heavy.

What is the reason for the binding of the garage door?

If your trim panel is near to the doorway, it may become stuck. It is most likely to happen after the door is nearly shut. If you find that there’s a gap on the floor after the door is closed, you can try closing the door manually to see if it can close the gap.

In the event that the door has been put open, take a close look at the trim. The trim should be flush or placed close to the frame of the door. This is a typical issue in older homes that recently went through a renovation (or have a need for one).

If the trim boards on the inside are placed too close to the tracks of the garage roller, they might be exerting pressure on the rollers and track. This pressure is not only harmful to the tracks of garage doors. Know that it may also be causing for the garage door opener to fail due to the additional work.

How do you repair a binding garage door?

If you want to fix the binding of a garage door, it is possible to fix or replace the trim board so that it’s not too closely as the track. Cut off the lumber until your trim is level in comparison to the frame. It is recommended to use a chisel with a sharp edge to accomplish this. Then, chisel off the wood until the door is closed easily.

If this does not resolve the issue, you could encounter a problem that is not because of the door being too far from the frame. It could be that the door isn’t in alignment or something else that must be addressed. If you are not sure, don’t attempt to fix it by yourself. This is because doing so can cause further damage to the garage door.

Contact A Professional

The highly trained experts at Little Rock Garage Door Repair will help you identify the problem with your garage door fast so that you can have it repaired swiftly. Alongside making adjustments to allow you to move your door more easily, we conduct service checks to prevent this from happening again.

We can examine the springs, fix the rollers or tracks, or change your torsion spring. Our team will be there to ensure that your garage door is operating the way it is supposed to. We provide free estimates and also offer our best services. Contact us now to learn more about how we can assist you in getting your garage door run effectively.

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