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In Clinton Presidential Center and Park, you will find the William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum. This ground also carries offices of the Little Rock office of the Clinton Foundation as well as the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service. Aside from that, you can also find the National Archives and Records Administration there.

Aside from the research facilities and archival collections of the library, the Clinton Presidential Library and Museum also features special events, educational programs and exhibits for the public. The exhibits of the museum include the replicas of the Cabinet Room and the Oval Office. Timelines and alcoves highlight the foreign and domestic policy, also the life inside the White House. Its permanent exhibits use photographs, documents, interactive stations, and videos.

The country’s American Presidency is a part of the country’s unique heritage that you can explore through the library’s archives, special programs, and museums. The artifacts and documents of the Presidents are being preserved in the Presidential Libraries and it provides insights unto the times wherein these Presidents served and lived the nation.



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The library’s museum collection includes more than 100,000 objects and artworks. Everyone offered gifts to the Clinton family including the United States’ citizens and the foreign heads of state. Moreover, the collection of the museums also includes some objects that were collected since President Clinton have left the office. This also includes items that are related to his presidency and life and some of his presidential campaign items.

The staff inside the museum department works daily to re-house, catalog, monitor, and photograph the conditions of every artifact in the collection. They ensure that all the collection is accessible for the generations that will be coming whilst serving as the Clinton administration’s physical time capsule.

The William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum’s exhibits tells President Clinton’s life story and all about the Clinton Presidency. All over the museum’s three floors, you can see its permanent exhibits which presents the life story of President Clinton before he became a president. Aside from that, you can also find all the post-presidential work he accomplished. The temporary exhibits hold various topics that are related to President Clinton’s times and life, special interests, and current issues.

Permanent Exhibits

This Exhibit tells the Clinton Presidency story. It features the inauguration, campaign, and special policy sections which highlights the President’s work as well as life inside the White House. You can explore about the Clinton Presidency in this exhibit through video clips, photographs, and artifacts.

Temporary Exhibits

This part of the exhibits explores the past exhibits of Clinton Presidential Library.

Online Exhibits

Online exhibits are using a digitized material in exploring the topics that are related to Clinton Administration as well as the Clinton Presidential Library’s exhibits.



It is important to accompany every discount with the proper and current identification. Debit cards, credit cards, and traveler’s checks are accepted inside. The library does not accept any personal checks. Also, the library honors all the Presidential Library cards.



Daily Individual

The tours are temporarily suspended.

Guided Group

Discounts for guided tours and group admissions are only available for those groups with 20 or more. Make sure that you complete their reservation requestion form online in order to schedule for a group tour.

Guided Student

There are available guided tours for those Pre-K to Twelfth grade students. You can visit their educational page so that you can learn further about the available programs of the Clinton Presidential Library.

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